Karma, What is it, what does Karma do for people?  Karma repeats its self, over and over again, rather its good or bad.  Ok, I need to keep reminding myself, to be forgiving, I am not pointing this out to anyone out there.  But Karma, has a big part of our reality we live in now.    If we don’t understand Karma, we need to do good to others, so goodness, well come back to us.  If you hold grudges, you need to learn to let them go.  Because we can’t take them on with us, its impossible.  If we want to move forward, to the New Earth.  We must let them go.  If there is anyone in your past, you hold a big fat grudge against,  its only hurting you.  You are not hurting them.  They win, everything you hold a grudge.  We can ‘Release them, and say in your mind, I release you, and mention their names.’  You will feel much better.  Karma always gets its way, and it will come back to haunt you in the end, if we can’t let it go.  There can be no Negative Energy in this New Earth, that will be approaching us.  No one really knows the time and place when it takes place.  But if we can learn to be positive, we will feel 100 percent better, and so will others around us, be forgiving, seek forgiveness as much as possible.

Fear; Has alot to do, with it too, we need to be positive, and not be afraid, of these new changes.  We need to know we’ll be ok and we’ll move on.  No matter what happens around us, we can be prepared by releasing our own negative energy, our own grudges must be let go, so our Souls can be prepared to move forward with this New Earth.  I am reminding myself this as well, and hoping it helps someone else.  Blessed be, Love and Peace; sent your way; Mammadebbs

(all rights reserved to the author, mammadebbs)