Daily adventure #1

This blog is making some new changes.  But, there are a few interesting daily adventures to add, and if they are not interesting enough, that adventure don’t get added at all.

Just the other day, I was driving my daughter to a near by city, about 45 minutes away.  We were going Southbound, on I-69, then I turned my blinker on, about 2 blocks down the road there; to make a left turn on I-H20.  Well this big CMI truck, come speeding up behind me, out of no where.  He almost slammed right into my backside.  If I didn’t turn as quickly as I did. With a car right in front of me, we would of had a 3 way collusion.  He was forced to pass me on the right side, where the gravel was when he stirred up a bunch of dust, and there was no road left.  This was a nerve shacking experience.  Not to mention my life passing before my eyes.

And, during this same day; the boss lady called me.  Shortly after I got home, and asked, if I wanted the 2nd shift, or what we call the PM hours.  2:30pm to 10:30pm.  I said, sure thing, this means I don’t have to work so many night shifts, but its at another group home.  I am not likely that change, but one of my older clients keeps asking for me back.  Hopefully things will be better after that, and I can sleep like a normal person, that’s a Big YEA:))))