Deb’s Random Thinking



I hope that everyone enjoys their visit here on my page, and wants to come back again.  I believe that there is good in everyone; and that we have freedom of thoughts, and speech.  We also have freedom of worship, and what we want to believe, no matter who we are, and where we come from.  God lives in all of us, and he gave us our freedom, to choose right from wrong.  I was taught this as a young child growing up.  Its how we live our lives, and if we make the right choices, every day we are alive.  After all we are human, and humans makes miss takes. We all have good days, and bad days.  But at the end of each day, we can seek forgiveness, and pray for more understanding to live good righteous lives.  There are many days, I get down in the dumps, and depressed over silly random thoughts, that enters in my head, but I try not to dwell on them, and move on for more happy thoughts.  I try my best to help others, if I can and be of good witness of God,  if the opportunity arrives.  Because you never know who’s soul you can help save… I also want to believe, that there is Hope, and Happiness in all of us.  It won’t hurt us, to love and laugh, and be joyful.  May God bless, everyone;)