From My Diary; to Your Diary

In Oceans, Waves and Sands, of the Sea;

A True Loves Last Kiss;

The day I last kissed your sweet lips;

The day is full of memories, in my Heart.

The day we shared our steps together, side by side.

As our Eyes met, Both Blue and Brown,

The Oceans, waves, and the sands, of the Sea.

The Kiss of caress, and the sweet cherries blossoms on your sweet lips.

Is the unforgettable memories we shared.

In the Oceans, waves and sands of the Sea.

And the day our Eyes first met, and in the land of imagination.

As our thoughts appears to be on the same page. of wishing we can touch each others, sweet lips.  And our hearts pounding as one, and of one thought, and one mind.

In the Oceans, waves, and the Sands of the Sea.

(written by; deb villines, all rights, @ credited to the Butterfly Den)