Manifest Your Desires

Have you ever had doubts about yourself?  Have you ever wondered, why do the neighbors seem to have it much better than you do? A better car, a better house, or maybe even a better family life.  You must remember one thing it is always; ‘Greener on the other side of the fence.’  It may seem to be better than what you have, but in reality it may not be, what you don’t see, what goes on inside, maybe they don’t get along, maybe their finances seems good, and they are only in debt.  What appears on the outside, isn’t necessarily the reality of it.  I find this happening with me at times, even with my friends; it may seem they have the best of everything, and yet maybe not.  Jealousy, be careful, of that word, it is more harmful than you realize.  ‘Be good to yourself, and be happy in every given situation.’  I wanted to share this phrase, that goes along with what I am trying to say.

Manifest This;

If you are wishing for something so hard, it don’t happen for you, haven’t you ever wondered why?   Or why not?  Maybe there is mental blocks going on, or maybe other situations gets in the way?  So,

Now, ask yourself, WHY this thought, was wanted.

and, Get in touch with it, the Feeling of it, as if you have it.  (imagine it like its yours).

IF you believe it, you will see it. (its a given)  The universe has to follow suit, to your feelings, and emotions, what ever they maybe. (The Law of Attraction), So by;


Joy, Freedom, Love, and Appreciation,



Enthusiasm, Eagerness, Happiness;

Positive, Expectation, Belief


Hopefulness Contentment.

(these is the best emotions, to have)


(research credited to;

(all rights reserved to @mammadebbs)


4 thoughts on “Manifest Your Desires

  1. I assumed, by your reference to ‘The Law of Attraction’ that you had read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, but when I look into the phrase, I see that the term ‘law of attraction’ appeared in print for the first time in a book written by Helena Blavatsky in 1877. This makes me wonder where Helena got her inspiration from. But aside from that – thanks for sharing this post, Deb – it’s as inspirational now as it was then. 🙂

    1. Hi; Robert C Day; I’m so glad you enjoyed my post, and thanks for the comment; Yes I really enjoyed reading the ‘Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne, its one of my favorite books. I’ll go back, and look at your blog as well, sorry its been so long returning a comment; Happy Blogging; Deb V.

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