SHE: A Freckled Divinity

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An Obvious Oblivion Blog


Once upon a time,
In the land of
Legislative and Ignorant,
There was this Lady
with eyes so dark brown,
they usually appeared Black.
Shoulder length locks
Swung on and off
her light freckled cheeks.
Her fears were special.
She fought
to keep her own little place
Safe and Independent
within her wings spread wide.
Over-thinker and Insecure,
Heart of the gold,
Eyes of the goddess,
Spoke harsh and straight.
Hypocrisy and Rigidity
broke her heart.
She mended the broken
with the beauty of her soul.
She was a complete story in herself,
with many climaxes,
Many Ugly, some Divine.
But at the end of every Chapter,
she survived the tragedies,
She mended the broken,
rebuilt her trust in Humanity
and Loved.

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Severe Thunderstorms on the Way

These clouds, carry very Severe Thunder storms, and Tornado’s, Warnings, yesterday in Iowa, July 19, 2016.


clouds july 2016
Credited to, @Deb Villines


(Thunder Storm, July, 2016)

clouds 3
credited to, @Deb Villines photo, 

We had a major drought, before this Thunder storm, which took place, most all afternoon, and Tornado warnings, were involved, as well as major Flooding, and Hailing.



Rookie Mistakes that Ruin your Writing

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Mind the Dog Writing Blog

As a high school English teacher and literary magazine co-sponsor; former yearbook advisor; graduate of a Master’s writing program; occasional participant in writing workshops and critique groups; occasional freelance proofreader; and occasional writing tutor, I have read writing at all its stages, from rough draft to final draft, and writers at all their stages, from novice to better-than-I’ll-ever-be. Today, as I read through some work for a writing group and reflect on student work I read during the school year, I realized there are five common mistakes writers make, whether they are newbies, or seasoned writers working on an early draft. Here they are, so you can look out for them in your own early drafts.

Inconsistent Tense

I am not sure why writers make this mistake. Perhaps we are simply thinking too quickly and writing too slowly, resulting in a lapse of attention to detail. Perhaps we have simply…

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A Mother’s Gentle Light;

'A Mother's Gentle Light'

Mother of Mine,
Light of my soul, ever inspiring me to higher goals.
You who are so dear to me, when I look at you what do I see?

I see a woman, yes, but more by far, of sunshine and 
moonlight and a star.

I see human feelings, joy, pain and fear, a gentle smile,
and a hidden tear or two.

I see strength, and the courage to be meek a helping hand,
to those who are weak; a kindly word, a spring shower.

The song of a bird and a dewy flower.
I see a soul shinning there, that can only be true and fair,
the soft music of a dear old hymn, and a heart full of love, 
blessed by Him.

I see sacrifices made for me, and dreams imprisoned,
that mine might be free;
A Mother whose moto or'er life's stormy sea is, always there.
To guide me through Jesus,  as my personal pilot of me.

author; unknown. @debvillines


Depression what causes it?
Is this a disease, or a biological disorder?
Can one survive depression disorders, emotionally, to one's attitude, adjustment?
Or does Depression, cause all illnesses, and diseases and self
inflicted, to ones Soul.

What can a person do to overcome Depression?
Is there always hope, or is there always Fear?

How does one, evaluate Depression?
Is this contiguous?
Or is it only human, to become Depressed?
What causes Depression?

written by; Deb Villines, on 4/27/2016

The Beauty of Little Things

Interesting thoughts here, I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.


I am no one to preach but this is my experience of life so far and i want to share some things I have understood and learnt.

1. Whatever has happened in the past if it still haunts you, you are already dead. Whatever will happen in the future if it is already troubling you, you are way out of your time living in the future. Whatever is happening to you now if that matters you are living in the moment and cherishing it.

2. If you miss the right moment you will regret it later so never miss an opportunity when it presents itself.

3. Whatever happens, never lose hope.

4. Sleep early, wake up early, it is one of the best things you can do to improve yourself. Benjamin Franklin says “There will be enough time to sleep in the grave.”

5. Never give up on yourself.


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